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Help! 中文很難!
我非常不知道中文的功課! 什麼人可不可以幫我一忙?
Posted By David R.
7 years ago
Around No. 18, Lane 131, Dàhú St, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114
David R. It has no problems posting Chinese, does it show my location properly?
20 Dec 2011 at 07:33
Yaniv Aharon Hi David, thanks for posting around!
that's great that you post in Chinese, your location is all set ok. i can see that you are around Dahu park station. i'll add the functionality to enable you to see your post's location ASAP. Thanks!
20 Dec 2011 at 07:36
Guie-Bao Su do you still need helping?sorry ,my english not so good
15 Jan 2012 at 07:01
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