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I need to get from Taipei to Toroko. is there a bus to this place? where should i take it?
Posted By Yaniv Aharon
7 years ago
Around Jianan road station, Jhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Erez Broitman you take a train to hualian and from there (outside the train station) you can take buses to TAROKO (try to get the name right, otherwise you might end up in the Philippines...) . And yes you better have a car there.
9 Apr 2012 at 05:50
Yaniv Aharon :-) you are so right that it makes me want to cry. I just asked for the Chinese pronunciation and it sounds like: 'Tai-Ru-Ger'. i should remember that.
9 Apr 2012 at 07:20
Yaniv Aharon ...And I got some info that the last bus from Taroko to Hualien is leaving at: 18:30. too early :-(
9 Apr 2012 at 07:28
Erez Broitman That I really don't know. But if they have a car, they can go pick you up, it's really not far. Tai-lu-ge טאי-לו-גה
9 Apr 2012 at 07:32
Yaniv Aharon OK. I did some research and here's the results. i should take the train form Taipei to Xincheng station in Hualien. I found express train of 2 Hrs in Tze-Chiang company. from there to Taroko it looks close, so i think i'll take a taxy. the problem is how would i travel in the park. is it seems very big place...
9 Apr 2012 at 09:01
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