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Welcome to Taiwan Lottery Online Checker !
The place to check automatically if you won Taiwan Receipt Lottery, with Taiwan Receipt Lottery Winning Numbers Online Web Checker.

Here are the Winning numbers for months :

Special Prize Number: First Prize #1: Addition #1:
Grand Prize Number: First Prize #2: Addition #2:
Addition #3: First Prize #3: Addition #4:

how to check taiwan receipt lottery?

Don't need to know anything! Just the last 3 digits of your receipts' numbers into this box below, and check how much money you won!

Enter the last 3 digits (or more) of your receipts seperated by a comma (,) and click "Check":

Checking Results:

When the numbers are published?

The Lottery takes place every two month. The results for two month are published on the 25th of the next month.
(i.e. the results for 5-6/2013 will be published on 25/7/2013)
We will do our best to serve you the results within the same date.
So you will be able to check them easily with our online checker.
In case you are faster than us - just write them down in textboxes above

For more inofrmation regarding the lottery, please refer to Ministry of Finance
When you use our application, you're agreeing to our terms.

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